Playfight works with our clients to prepare, support, and defend their tax credit claims.

Playfight provides rich documentation and detail in our documentation to help our clients maximize their tax credit claims and returns.

Whether it is a federal or  provincial tax credit claim, production or post-production application, Playfight can advise and consult to ensure all parties claim every dollar spent on talented artists, supervisors, and directors.

Playfight is capable and ready to assist productions to maximize their productions budgets to put as much money on screen as possible.

Playfight’s team has extensive experience applying and defending applications for:

  • Ontario Computer Animation & Special Effects tax credit (OCASE)
  • Ontario Film & Television Tax Credit (OFTTC)
  • Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC)
  • Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC)
  • The Canadian film or video Production Tax Credit (CPTC)
  • Production Services Tax Credit (PSTC) and more.